July 15, 2010

Smashburger had been mentioned on more than one occasion for a HBC meeting but chains usually don’t have the same appeal as a unique 50 year old hole-in-the-wall.  But this time, Dave G, attending possibly his last HBC meeting ever before heading out around the world on his motorcycle, put his Chaco wearing foot down [...]


Hill Bar and Grill

June 4, 2010

Houston Burger Club made a lengthy trip to Waller, Texas to try the burgers at Hill Bar and Grill. The 45 minute drive didn’t deter as over 20 people showed up for burgers, beers and a mechanical punching game.  Seemingly out in the middle of nowhere, Hill Bar and Grill was pretty full as we [...]


Bellaire Broiler Burger

May 26, 2010

Bellaire Broiler Burger in Bellaire, TX was the latest stop for the Houston Burger Club.  Rushing to get over to BBB before its doors closed at 8:00pm, Dave called ahead and BBB was kind enough to reserve a spot of our group. Upon entering the BBB, the first thing we noticed was the decor; it [...]


Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

April 16, 2010

Who knew that such an expensive place would be such a hit?  14 people came from all over town to go check out the nicest Burger Club outing yet.  Chris came straight from the shop, Dave came from vacation or something like it since he showed up in shorts which was clearly against the dress [...]


Perry & Sons Market & Grille

April 7, 2010

If anyone has ever had the famous pork chop from Perry & Sons Market & Grille then you are aware that they know a thing or two about their meat. My previous visits to the steak house at memorial city had risen the bar to a new level. A trip outside the beltway to the [...]


The Petrol Station

March 10, 2010

More of a bar like Onion Creek than a true restaurant. Only four burgers to select from, a regular burger that you can add your own toppings, a lamb burger, the rancor (bacon, fried egg) and the hulk (mushrooms, spinach, artichokes). The burgers were a decent size and very messy. Again, scores varied greatly but [...]


District 7 Grill

December 28, 2009

The burgers stood out at District 7 Grill, mainly becaase of the buns served with the burgers, square artisan bread, and the non-traditional offerings. Only two burgers really fit the bill, the kobe beef burgers and the angus burger. Other burgers offered include the mahi mahi burger, turkey burger, seared gulf shrimp burger and gardenburger. [...]


Bubba’s Burger Shack

September 24, 2009

Ended up at Bubba’s Burger Shack, previously featured on the Food Network and known for their buffalo burgers. The buffalo burgers were very juicy for a buffalo burger and had good taste. The white bun also scored considerably higher than wheat bun scores. Putt decided to eat two burgers, one buffalo and one beef, both [...]


Five Guys Burger and Fries

August 27, 2009

First weekday trip for the Burger Club was to Five Guys off of Voss. Expectations were high but the scores came out mixed. Burgers were small but the “regular” burgers included double meat. Toppings were plentiful to choose from and came at no extra cost. Both burgers and fries are cooked in peanut oil (hydrogenated, [...]


Hruska’s Store and Bakery

August 16, 2009

Ranked no. 42 in Texas Monthly and located in Ellinger, between Austin and Houston, we stopped by this store and bakery on our way back from TubeKujda 2009. Scores ranged from low 20s to low 30s but the majority of the scores reflected a very good burger, especially the bun. Because it was really like [...]