Liberty Station / Hubcap Grill Burger Cart

February 12, 2011

Last night the HBC went to Liberty Station to review the Hubcap Grill Burger Cart. This is Hubcap’s only other location other than the down town lunch spot. Members gathered to wish Victoria farewell and all I can say is that when Victoria is able to make it in town she always draws a big crowd. A lot of first time members came out to see her off. Evan and Diana, Amanda, and we welcomed back Begnaud who has been stranded in the European snow for who know’s long now.

The menu offered pretty standard fare ( bacon, jalepeno, and mushroom burgers) except for the weekly specials which were the cheesy cheeto burger and the famous Sticky Burger.

I don’t think anyone was brave enough to try the cheesy cheeto burger which only consists of a patty, cheetos and cheese sauce but there were a few takers on the sticky burger.

While the peanut butter was delicious, it didn’t seem to mix well with the bacon and cheese well. Some bites were absolutely delicious while others were super peanut buttery that caused big gulps of beer to remoisturize the pallet.

The Toasted Bun was the big winner here. Crispy and crunchy and Chris even asked if he could give it an 11/10. The rest of the burgers where reviewed with mix results. The double meat burger had a ton of flavor while the others were just average.

Liberty Stations endless amount of fun kept everyone busy until late. Julie and Susan had Ryan pulling up the rules of Jenga while they were playing the oversized outdoor version. We all know Ryan would not allow us get by without following the rules!

Victorias soccer skills did not prove to be affective on the foosball table, and almost everyone else played corn hole outside.

Another good HBC meeting and if it wasn’t for the calories I’d wish we were doing another one tonight!
Have a safe trip back Victoria! Hope to see you soon!

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