Take Seat – Solo Review from Bangkok, Thailand

December 12, 2010

The Houston Burger Club is going international.  I (davé) am currently in Thailand riding a dirtbike around the world eating burgers.

Thailand is known internationally for their spicy and savory Thai food.  Burgers are everywhere here and after reading the scores for the HBC holiday meeting, I was inspired to try one.  In tourist areas there are many places that serve western and often specifically “American” food.  Hamburgers always make the menu.

Take Seat restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand

“Take Seat”(sic) is a Thai and Western style restaurant located near my hotel Erawan House in the main backpacker tourist area of Bangkok.

The Take Seat Cheesebuger in Bangkok

After about 10 minutes of waiting, I was presented with a burger, fries, and salad.  Over all, my first visual impression was pretty good.  The fries were hot as well as the cheese was starting to melt slightly where it was contacting the burger.  The taste of the patty was pretty bland– it was a fine grind of beef with onions added for flavor.  Even though it was cooked to a medium/medium well, the burger was too lean and wasn’t even the slightest bit juicy.   The bun was a commercially produced sesame seed bun which was quite surprising as you never know what a burger is going to come out here.  Sometimes they’ll wrap a burger in a few pieces of bread or on a bagette.  My overall impression of the burger was that the toppings were OK but the patty and bun were very dull.  The toppings were very fresh and high quality except for the cheese.

The fries were tasty freezerbag quality but freshly fried.  The salad was a cabbage / carrot mess with mayo squirted on top.  It was nice to have my holiday burger but is will not be making the best of the HBC.  It was better than Putt’s Cheddars


Bun (1-10): 4

Patty (1-10): 4

Juiciness (1-5): 2

Toppings (1-5): 3

Visual (1-5): 3

TOTAL (35 Max): 16

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