July 15, 2010


Smashburger had been mentioned on more than one occasion for a HBC meeting but chains usually don’t have the same appeal as a unique 50 year old hole-in-the-wall.  But this time, Dave G, attending possibly his last HBC meeting ever before heading out around the world on his motorcycle, put his Chaco wearing foot down and declared Smashburger the destination.  Perhaps we underestimated the appeal of a chain burger joint in a strip mall next to a Blockbuster (Buffalo Speedway location) as 14 people turned out.  Victoria N, in what could also be her last appearance for the HBC, skipped playing soccer in order to clog up her arteries, a first for her.

Onion rings, BBQ sauce and cheese.. mmmm

Walking in, Smashburger felt very impersonal, very new and very much like any other chain restaurant.  Regardless, we pushed some tables together and hopped in line to order our burgers.  There are many different menu options such as burgers, buns, toppings, side orders, shakes, malts, beers with frosted mugs, and even the ability to add a fried egg to any burger.  Pretty impressive.  As is par for the course, members ordered all different types of everything so there was much sampling when the food arrived.

Egg makes it better

Burgers are served to the table in wire trays, which gave off a nice clean, simple look to it.  Burgers are served open so you can add other toppings before closing it up.  The most noticeable trait of the burgers was how green the lettuce was.  The lettuce was quality green leaf lettuce, not pale, yellow iceberg junk you can get at other burger joints, and added a nice contrast to the beef and bun.  Jalapenos were also very green, fresh cut and not soaked in brine; a real treat for anyone who like spice on their burgers.  Of course, this reflected on the high scores given to the toppings.

Sure.. add an egg

The egg buns of Smashburger may be the best thing it has going for it; the scores rated high all around.  Soft, tasty and perfectly complimenting the burger.  The patties are thin but big, protruding out of the hamburger.  I had to trim mine with some bites before I could even hit the bun.  The patties scored lower than the bun, but still high in general, compared to other places.  Some felt it was a little too greasy.

Sweet potato fries

As for the sides, the fries rated highly, in particular, the smashfries, which are rosemary spiced fries with a hint of olive oil.  The sweet potato fries received the lowest scores and the string onion rings received perfect scores.

Usually, for an HBC meeting, the scores are a mixed bag, but Smashburger may have been the most consistently scored place we’ve been to.  The atmosphere isn’t the best, but the burgers and fries are fantastic and has earned itself a place on the HBC Best of list.

Burger Club members rating their burgers

Bacon burger.. notice the fresh jalapenos


Bun (1-10): 8.3

Patty (1-10): 7.2

Juiciness (1-5): 3.6

Toppings (1-5): 4.3

Visual (1-5): 3.8

TOTAL (35 Max): 27.2

Fries (1-5): 4.0

Onion Rings (1-5): 4.75

They sell beer! Not bad for a burger chain.

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