HBC Meeting: Smashburger

July 14, 2010

Wednesday, July 14th 7:45pm
Buffalo Speedway & Bissonnet Street
5220 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, Texas 77005

Come out this Wednesday for a burger and say goodbye to longtime members Dave Guezuraga and Victoria Necroto.

Dave quit his job to travel the world and the seven seas on his motorcycle, looking for his doppelganger who spoke to him in a dream and told Dave to find him somewhere in South East Asia.

Victoria is heading up to Maryland to continue her education, hang out with people with very pale skin and to walk to her car without sweating profusely from every orifice.

Although they won’t be physically present with us, we expect both to provide solo reviews of burgers they’ll consume on their travels.

Best of luck to both Dave and Victoria; carpe diem before the glaciers drown us.

Dave Guezuraga

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