Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

April 16, 2010

Who knew that such an expensive place would be such a hit?  14 people came from all over town to go check out the nicest Burger Club outing yet.  Chris came straight from the shop, Dave came from vacation or something like it since he showed up in shorts which was clearly against the dress code.  After some quick thinking, Jim provided Dave with some spare rain paints that allowed him to enjoy his lunch in style.  We were given the room which sits in the middle of the restaurant between the main dining area and the bar.  This is definitely a fine dining experience with white linens and and the HCB members took it up a notch.  Two bottles of red wine, several drinks all around and a massive plat of thin cut sweet onion rings.  This was all after the round of drinks in the bar.  I did mention this was a lunch outing, right?

Ok, now for the good stuff:  Burgers are only offered on Friday during lunch and the only two options are:  The “Vic” (bacon & cheese) or “Anthony” (Blue Cheese) and they both cost $11.95 and come with steak fries.  Most people stayed with one of the two but there were a couple of “Anthony’s” + bacon ordered which seems like the best of both worlds.  Overall, this was a great experience, a really good burger with only the finest of ingredients made even more special with the VIP HBC experience of our own room.

The average score of 28 pts put it into the “Best Of” category.  The onion rings made me want to sit down with a bowl and devour the entire lot.  Delicious.

Bun (1-10): 7.3
Patty (1-10): 8.1
Juiciness (1-5): 3.9
Toppings (1-5): 4.2
Visual (1-5): 4.5
TOTAL (35 Max): 28.0

Fries (1-5): 3.7

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