Bubba’s Burger Shack

September 24, 2009

Bubba's Burger Shack cheeseburger

Ended up at Bubba’s Burger Shack, previously featured on the Food Network and known for their buffalo burgers. The buffalo burgers were very juicy for a buffalo burger and had good taste. The white bun also scored considerably higher than wheat bun scores. Putt decided to eat two burgers, one buffalo and one beef, both were excellent with the beef coming out on top-just slightly. No fries in the offering but the jalapeno potato salad works just as well with their burger.

$4.50 for a buffalo burger

OVERALL RATING (two scores not submitted)
Bun (1-10): 7.4
Patty (1-10): 8.3
Juiciness (1-5): 4.0
Toppings (1-5): 4.1
Visual (1-5): 3.9
TOTAL (35 Max): 27.6

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